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Pigmentation, Sun damage & Melasma – The sun is harmful to your skin!

Signs of sun damage on skin become visible from as early as the twenties and there is a sharp increase in the appearance of skin changes from one’s thirties onward. Sun damaged skin is characterized by both fine and course wrinkle formation, irregular pigmentation, deterioration of skin texture (especially drying of the skin), loss of elasticity and skin tone, sagging, and a sallow colour. This is often accompanied by a loss of volume and enlarged capillaries which leads to redness and uneven complexion. Just a few minutes of regular, unprotected exposure to the harsh African sun can – over time – lead to noticeable changes in the skin. Freckles, age spots, broken veins and a leathery appearance are but a few. This will progress to loose, wrinkled skin, uneven complexion and even solar keratosis (patches of rough wart-like skin – the precursor to certain types of skin cancer) or skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma or malignant melanomas.

Age or Sun Spots

These unwelcome patches of darkened skin are a result of photo damage, or simply put, inflammation caused by excessive sun exposure. Age Spots are sometimes also referred to as ‘liver spots’ or ‘sun spots’. These spots can occur on the face, hands, the back, legs, arms and décolletage. The more exposure to sunlight without liberal application of sunscreen with high SPF factors above 15, the more prone you are to these discolourations.


Melasma, also known as hormonal pigmentation, is a skin condition characterized by asymmetrical shaped patches of brown or blue-gray skin discolouration. It affects mostly women but some men have been known to suffer from the condition. The exact cause of Melasma is uncertain, but typically it develops in women during their reproductive years and is thought to be triggered by factors such as sun exposure, contraception or hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. People with darker skin tones are more prone to developing Melasma, and it usually appears on the cheeks, chin, forehead and upper lip. Melasma is a chronic condition which requires treatment and maintenance.

The Melrose Aesthetic Centre offers a range of treatments and products aimed at repairing sun damaged and pigmented skin and restoring a youthful, even, brighter complexion.

Treatment Options

Laser – Broad Band Light (BBL™)

The light energy delivered by the Sciton Profile BBL™ will gently heat up the upper layers of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to generate new collagen. This will help restore your skin to its natural beauty, blending its natural colours and making it smoother, more vibrant and younger looking. In addition, the photo-thermal energy will target and eliminate many of the fine subcutaneous blood vessels that cause redness and the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions.

Micro Laser Peels

A Micro Laser Peel is a gentle, laser assisted skin peel, which precisely removes the skin’s outermost layer to a predetermined depth. It is the perfect step between Microdermabrasion and deeper peels for treating pigmentation, sun damage and Melasma. Typically two to four treatments are required spaced at intervals over eight weeks, depending on the extent of treatment required. Healing will take 3-4 days, as the damaged skin layers slough off, allowing fresh new skin cells to grow. Read More

Medium Peels

The peeling treatment renews the skin by lifting dead cells off the skin surface and stimulating the metabolism of the cells underneath.

It utilizes a combination of Trichloracetic acid (TCA) and Jessner’s solution (14% resorcinol, 14% lactic and 14% salicylic acid in an alcohol base). A series of medium-depth peels can effectively improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation, and superficial lines while leaving skin softer, smoother and more radiant. These peels have been widely used for over 25 years and found extremely effective at correcting pigmentary and photo aging problems. Read More

Profractional Laser Treatment

Fractional, non-ablative laser the treatment of surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks – the only FDA cleared laser for this treatment.

The damaged areas stimulate the body’s natural healing process, and promote production of new collagen and fresh skin cells, greatly improving uneven pigmented areas, plumping up the skin and smoothing out wrinkles, lines, scars and other irregularities. It is more comfortable than other similar treatments, and allows for faster healing. Read More

Deep Peels

Penetrating several layers of skin, using a solution called Phenol, this treatment is extremely effective for regeneration of the skin structure. It provides a total rejuvenation effect, which can help you to look up to ten years younger.

The procedure helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, and it normally takes about 10-14 days to recover from the treatment. You will have to follow the instructions provided by our skin care specialist carefully. This treatment is generally not suitable for people with darker skin tones. Read More

Laser Resurfacing

The Sciton™ CONTOUR™ system emits short pulses of high energy light, which gets absorbed by the water and chromophores in the skin. The light becomes heat, and that heat removes thin layers of your skin’s surface, which will be replaced by younger skin growth. Only the Sciton™ CONTOUR™ has the ability to provide a treatment that is optimised to your skin condition. Pigmented lesions will greatly improve and the treatment also softens and diminishes wrinkles. Read More

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